The report on the recognition of diplomas of persons who studied abroad for the month of July was announced.

The Agency for Quality Assurance in Education told APA that in July, 350 of the 415 applicants were given a positive decision and relevant certificates were presented, while the application of 65 people ended with a negative decision.

21 due to unsatisfactory level of knowledge of the language of instruction, 18 due to failure to pay the required minimum period of study in the country of study, as well as unsatisfactory language of instruction, 16 due to lack of sufficient resources in the territory of the country of study to master the teaching load, 10 applications for other reasons concluded with a negative decision.

Looking at the number of applications by country, it is observed that there are 181 applications from the Russian Federation, 100 from the Republic of Turkey, 55 from Ukraine, 23 from Georgia, 11 from Great Britain and the Kingdom of Northern Ireland, and 45 applications from other countries.

As for the most applied specialties, 113 applicants for medicine, 28 for jurisprudence, 26 for economics, 22 for business management, and 12 applicants for dentistry were registered.

We inform you that the average period of consideration of documents was 16 days.

In addition, we inform you that citizens can access the link www.tanı for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications.