LVV deputy, Tinka Kurti, announced that the Assembly of Kosovo will have a breastfeeding room, thus becoming the first institution in Kosovo to have this room.

The deputy of the Vetëvendosje Movement (LVV), Tinka Kurti, has announced that the Assembly of Kosovo will have a special room for breastfeeding.

As the head of the Group of Women Deputies (GGD), Kurti has said that she is happy that her request for the formation of this chamber has already been fulfilled, thus making the Assembly the first institution with this chamber.

"I am very happy that the President of the Assembly and the Secretary have approved it and this is already being implemented.

Deputies and employees of the Assembly who need to feed their children with breast milk will soon have this special space, which is being made according to WHO recommendations", Kurti wrote on Facebook.

Kurti emphasized that another recommendation of this organization is the drafting of supportive policies and their implementation by politicians.

She said that such a request will be sent to other public and private institutions.

"This is important for women's rights at work.

It is important for the well-being of nursing and working women and sometimes vital for the child.

The solution is well-being.

The solution is political", she concluded.