Tao of the Great Thief Tzu

kirin pralongchoeng

3 Aug. 2022 5:27 a.m.





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When I talked about the 5 Dharma Maha Thieves, Dr. Tom, a famous drug doctor known to the whole city, took a pen.

Today I found a story

"The Tao of the Great Thieves" in the book "Toon", the Taoist philosophy (Surat Prichatham Chotchuangnadon, translated) thought of the doctor, so he asked to copy the book.

for the doctor to read

Liu Xia Zhi

He was a friend of Confucius. He had a younger brother, the Great Thief Tzu.

Nine thousand minions

plundering around the underworld, Confucius went to find him, telling his comrades,

Parents have to teach their children

The older brother taught the younger brother.

You have a brother who is a great thief.

plundered all over the world

Why didn't you teach him to feel conscience?

“Some people don’t listen to their father and brother, what is the use?” Liu Xuezhi shook his head, “My brother has a fierce arrogance.

Anger is a fire eternity

I say you better not go!” Confucius didn't listen, calling Zi Gang and Yanhui.

travel up the hill

When the minion reported, “General, Confucius has gone up the mountain.

I want to see you." The Great Thief Tzu roared loudly.

“You take my word and tell him,

Do not compose a tribute to the king.

Word play creates right and wrong.

His fault was great.

Hurry back now, it's still time."

The minion told Confucius, "General, I don't want to see you." Confucius was patient, entrusting the bandits.

“Please go and inform the great thief again.

I am Comrade Liu Xia Zhi.

I intend to pay respects.”

The brother's name worked. Great thief Tzu allowed Confucius to meet.

“If there is any matter, hurry up and say it.

If you don't like me

Don't even think that you will survive again."

“Please calm down,” Confucius said, “under the world there are three great virtues.

The first is a tall, majestic, unrivaled body, and the second is supremely intelligent.

know the sky and the ground

Third, bold and resolute

Collect many minions

lead the army

General has these three great virtues.

but turned out to be a great thief

Isn't that unfortunate?”

“If the general listens to me

I'm going to convince the kings of the provinces.

build a great city for you

bestow your honor

You don't have to be a great thief any more."

Great Thief Zi finished his roar “Hmph” and said, “Those who can use deception.

It's just a low class fool.

thinking of using fortune

come surround me

Why would I not know

Good fortune is just a cloud that floats in front of you.”

Great thief Zi said this.

Confucius was stunned...to some extent.

The thief continued to speak

“The largest city

No city is bigger

Under Heaven...Lord Yao

Lord Sun reigns over the land

Where is your child now?

King Thang, King Wu, once ruled the land.

Where is your child now?

The story in the land has you infinite.

There was also disaster.

I am a great thief who kills people.

but it has scope

If I am a king, use the Dharma and the Dharma to kill people.

will cause endless destruction.”

Confucius didn't say anything, the great thief Tzu finished speaking.

“What you have said today

is something that I have abandoned

I don't want to listen anymore.”

Now, writing in a cartoon, Confucius jumps in the carriage.

He returned to his friend, Liu Xia Zhi, and told the thief's brother,

“I might as well twitch the tiger tentacles.

I almost got torn to pieces of meat.”

The story of the thief's dao

It ended up teaching them that the Tao (way) of the great thief is the Tao of the great thief, the Tao (way) of the great sage Confucius.

It is the Tao of Confucius.

at each end of the road

Which way is it?

kirin pralongchoeng