Supakamol Suphajit Wattanadit, Thai equestrian athlete

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3 Aug. 2022 5:33 a.m.





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With diligence, determination, perseverance, patience, learning, discipline and self-improvement always makes Supakamon-Suphachit Wattanadit, two young rising horse riders.

Successfully made a new page in the history of equestrian sports.

by being the first equestrian athlete in Thailand

in the art of steering a horse

To have participated in the world-class "Grand Prix" that the International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FEI) has raised as the highest level of equestrian sport.

Two girls




Tells about the path of being an equestrian that when Pam was a kid, he had tried horse riding since the age of 7 and liked it when he got the chance to compete for the first time.

I felt that this was the activity that was most suitable for myself. Patty learned to ride horses from the age of 3 because she saw her sister riding horses.

and then become a competitive equestrian as well

We choose to compete in the art of horse control.

which we both gradually

Starting from the level 1 competition, learning, practicing, and continuing to compete for experience until one day Father-Suphakit Wattanadit said that if you do a good job in the competition

If they win the Thailand Championship, they will buy us horses.

We succeeded and had our own horses.

Then we want to upgrade ourselves to be better as an equestrian.

Mother – Chuenhathai Wattanadit decided to take her life to the Netherlands, where Europe is the center of the world-class equestrian sport.

especially the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, we learned the basics and techniques of equestrianism from scratch.

with Imke Chellegens-Bartel

Former female equestrian athlete of the windmill.

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist in Beijing

and a gold medal at the 2010 World Championship in Kentucky for the art of horse control.

Being a trainer allows us to learn and develop ourselves a lot.

than to stand one

Both of them trained hard, saying that our daily activities at 8:00 AM will come down to the stable.

There is a chance to see horses every day.

Practice horseback riding 5 days a week, riding on your own, walking, training your horse in a circle, feeding and cleaning the paddock.

In addition to training hard, this competition requires the mind.

There is concentration that needs to be practiced to solve problems as well.

“When we race at different races, there are always many obstacles for us to train ourselves.

that was loud around the field like an announcement from a loudspeaker

Or the team next to the field working loudly, causing it to panic, having to hug and comfort, but if you ask what is the most important problem, it is "our own mind" because when we go to compete, find a new field, encounter an environment that is not Familiarity makes us excited.

Afraid to perform poorly

Because no matter how well you train

It wasn't the same as when it was actually playing. However, as more and more players entered the field, the fear and anxiety gradually faded away.

The only thing left is the determination to do your best no matter what obstacles you face.

because even if it does not do well

It will be a lesson for us to come back to study and make improvements.” The two girls shared their past experiences.

London (first class honors) and currently studying for a master's degree.

As for the girls' next goal, they say Pam will compete in an additional Grand Prix in order to collect points to qualify for the equestrian competition at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.

If successful, he will become the first athlete in Thailand to compete in equestrian sports in the "Olympic" event. Selection criteria of the Equestrian Association of Thailand

He was selected to represent the nation at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, from September 23 to October 8, 2023.