Slow down bananas, freckled eggs


3 Aug. 2022 5:08 a.m.





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In the past, our house planted egg bananas for domestic consumption.

But now starting to export to foreign countries in 2021, the export value is up to 210.5 million baht.

But bananas often have freckles problems.

make it short-lived

A team of researchers from the Department of Biology

Faculty of Science

Chiang Mai University

therefore invented a method to reduce and slow down the freckles of the egg bananas with methyl salicylate.

through systematic control of cell death until successful

The research team consisted of Asst. Prof. Dr. Kobkiat Saengnil, Asst. Prof. Dr. Usara Panya and Mr. Sirawit Chotikakham, PhD students.


Discover the freckles of the banana fruit.

It is a consequence of the pre-determined systemic cell death (programmed cell death).

This is the apoptosis of the bark cells whose steps and processes are stimulated by reactive oxygen species via mitochondrial pathways.

leading to the activation of the enzyme caspase (caspase) and endonuclease

endonuclease causes the cell's nucleus to split into smaller parts (nuclear fragmentation) and eventually leads to cell death.

From the research, it was found that

After the harvested banana fruit was soaked in a solution of methyl salicylate at a concentration of 2 mmol for 30 minutes, it was able to reduce and delay the symptoms of freckles for another 2 days.

with the effect of promoting the potential to prevent oxidation

Helps maintain the structure and function of mitochondria

and reduced the release of cytochrome c that activates the caspase.

Two research papers have been published in international journals and the results of another one are pending.

and create a great variety of values ​​for Thai agriculture

This research will lead to further research in the development of suitable methyl salicylate usage patterns.

and the most effective in controlling the freckles of the egg bananas

or systemic cell death

that will happen to other fruits in the future.