Sansiri brings the power of local volunteers to restore children's education in all dimensions

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3 Aug. 2022 5:15 a.m.





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Armed with intellectual weapons for the new generation thoroughly. Sansiri joins hands with the Education Equality Fund (NSO) and Ratchaburi Province.

Moving forward with the project "Zero Dropout, every child needs to learn" using a volunteer mechanism

to create a change in Thai education

To reduce inequality in education, a 3 in 1 model by including volunteer power, rehabilitating children, covering all dimensions.

To allow children to drop out of zero education in 3 years by adopting the "Ratchaburi Model" as a model province

The kind- hearted adult of this project

, Setha Thavisin

President and CEO of Sansiri Public Company Limited revealed that Sansiri is committed to and values ​​equality, equality and accessibility in all dimensions to reduce social inequality.


Education inequality in Thailand that is an important social issue.

and can affect youth and the nation in the long run

Therefore, we would like to be a part of helping to take action and create sustainable education equality.

Under the project "Zero Dropout, all children must learn" to mobilize Thai people to change Thai education so that children can fall out of the education system to "zero" within 3 years, piloted through the "Ratchaburi Model", a model province.

We aim to reduce the number of children in the compulsory age (Grade 1-M3) in the province.

Ratchaburi dropped out of the education system to zero.

by helping both the child himself

As well as helping to create an ecosystem that allows everyone to have access to education, we sincerely hope that the project "Zero Dropout, every child must learn" will create a ripple effect for Thai people.

Government and other sectors

Get up and help the children of the country from falling out of the education system.

ready to build an important foundation that will drive Thailand forward

and causing a change in equality

To reduce the disparity of education countries and Thai children sustainably

For the project "Zero Dropout, all children must learn" to create a Ratchaburi model in "3 Volunteers in Ratchaburi Province" by joining forces with 3 local mechanisms, village health volunteers (VHVs), social development and security volunteers. Humans (DDS), Education Volunteers (VECs) to rehabilitate children in all dimensions.

and the province of Ratchaburi

Has established a committee to solve the problem of educational inequality at the provincial level and working groups in the area.

as well as to coordinate cooperation with all sectors

deep into the problem

Build understanding and work together

To solve the problem of children falling out of the education system in Ratchaburi province in a sustainable way.