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Siwadul Mannga

3 Aug. 2022 5:19 a.m.





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The results of the past city elections were fragmentary.

The Pheu Thai Party's Sor Kor. has 20 seats.

It also pushed "Wirat Meenchainan" to be the chairman of the Bangkok Council, coordinating with the governor.

BMA works to serve the people, including the duty of inspecting the work to be accomplished.

Therefore, it is not surprising that "Jae Jan" will take the place of

"Madam Nakhonban" full body

Appointed by the party leader

Chairman of the Coordinating Committee on Political Areas

BMA takes care of the capital in particular.

There is a veteran of politics as a consultant, and also has "Pholphum Wiphatitopherin-Suphaphon Kongwuthipanya", the MPs of Bangkok Eastern Region and the Thonburi side as a military commander.

Full-featured reserves, both MPs and MPs join the team to help with the work.

full power like this

Big election next round, Bangkok area. Ask for land slides only!!!

Siwadul Mannga