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3 Aug. 2022 5:36 a.m.





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"Promise" that the chair of the minister

MPs between various political parties began to intensify gradually.

especially the party that is ready for both strategy and personal

"Phuea Thai" is moving forward to conquer the area of ​​hope.

At least 250 land-slide MPs, focusing on the Northeast and North.

behind closely

is the proud Thai of Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, the leader of the party, has already launched two large provinces, Sisaket and Phichit.

most recently in Phichit by handshaking with Mr. Pradit


Senior politicians send 3 candidates in 3 districts

The same temptation of the 2 provinces is that if they can get MPs in every region, they will have the position of "Minister" for 1 chair.

Of course, applicants in these two provinces have the strength to be the winner.

Because there is an important temptation prize that is successful, you will get 2 bounces.

is to be a member of parliament and have a ministerial position, whoever gets it must have a chance to win

In addition, in the part of the people who have the right to vote in elections, there are many more continuously, from the desired MPs to the ministers of the province as well.

The position of minister is one of the most important factors in a politician's career progression.

It is the highest reward of life.

Normally, becoming a minister is not an easy task, even having many MPs without "luck" and no "rhythm" is difficult.

This doesn't have to be a chance to win, it's about whether it can be done according to the conditions or not...only.

of course it is

Must be the winner of the election and have to be a government. The more MPs you get, the more chances you have.

Handing out “ministerial” chairs is one way of enticing politicians to surrender.

because I know that everyone wants to be

General Prawit Wongsuwan, leader of the Pracharat Party

You can use this method to create prestige for yourself and to resolve conflicts.

2-3 days ago, 1 chair had been given to the Ban Yai Pak Nam group that refused to vote on the trust of 2 party ministers.

Even though it wasn't immediately due to the cabinet reshuffle, at least he got his heart without saying much.

It appears that everything can be solved.

This is Thai politics...

Yes...don't be surprised that Thai politics will take a long time to get into shape.

And it's really for the nation and the people.

Because everything is still a matter of power and benefits exchanged, not about the ability to make a profit.

“Ministers” are important to any ministry.

Therefore, there must be good people with knowledge, ability, honesty.

It's not a reward to reciprocate each other!

"lightning rod"