The Crisis Management Center announced today that until 2:30 p.m. three fires were registered in outdoor areas, one of which has already been extinguished.

The fire is active in the vicinity of Shupli Kamen in Kumanova, where dry grass is burning near the rest houses, while firefighters from Kumanova are on the ground.

There is also an active fire in the municipality of Krushevo near the village of Jakrenovë, where dry grass and plants with low stems are burning.

The team of the regional unit of the Lipa - Krushevë National Forests is located at the site of the fire.

A fire has also fallen on the village of Radanje on the Shtip - Plaçkovicë road, which has been extinguished, while a team of Shtip firefighters remained on the ground for prevention.

QMK appeals to citizens to be extremely careful when moving and staying in an open environment or in the forest, because a very small fire can turn into a big fire in an instant and this has consequences for the life, health and property of citizens.

The KMK has also thanked the engaged firefighters who, even on this Ilinden holiday, are fighting the fire and taking care of safety.