The Speaker of the House of Representatives in the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, arrived in Malaysia today - the second leg of her Asian tour, BTA reported, citing France Press.

The plane Pelosi was traveling on landed today at a Malaysian air base.

She is expected to speak later today with high-ranking Malaysian representatives, including the prime minister and the speaker of the lower house of parliament, the national news agency Bernama reported.

After Singapore, where she was yesterday, and after today's stop in Malaysia, Pelosi's itinerary includes visits to South Korea and Japan.

It is not yet clear whether Pelosi will visit Taiwan.

According to Taiwanese publications, she may arrive on the island today and spend the night in Taipei.

Q. The Financial Times mentions Pelosi meeting with the president of Taiwan tomorrow.

China has already issued several warnings to Washington in the event of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, which Beijing perceives as part of Chinese territory.

But White House spokesman John Kirby said yesterday that Pelosi was allowed to visit Taiwan.

While most observers consider Pelosi's visit to Taiwan unlikely to lead to armed conflict, if at all, U.S. officials have said they are preparing for possible shows of force by the Chinese military, such as missile launches in the Gulf of Taiwan or more frequent flights of Chinese military aircraft around the island.

Regarding Taiwan and China, the US recognizes only one Chinese government, that of Beijing, but continues to provide strong support to Taipei, while refraining from saying whether it will defend the island with military force in the event of a Chinese attack.

John Kirby confirmed that this policy remains unchanged.

The Taiwanese government did not comment at all on the subject of Pelosi's possible visit.

Premier Suu Kyi did not confirm today whether such a visit would take place, although he was specifically asked about it by a journalist.

He only thanked Nancy Pelosi for her support for Taiwan.

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