Money Expo Korat Low interest loans before interest rate hikes

the wind changes direction

3 Aug. 2022 6:40 a.m.





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The sharp acceleration of interest rates

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) to curb inflation, which soared to 9.1%, the highest in 40 years in just five months, from March to July.

The Fed has raised interest rates four times, from 0% to a level of 2.25-2.50%, affecting the world, causing central banks around the world to raise interest rates accordingly

, including the Bank of Thailand, with news that the Monetary Policy Committee meeting. (MPC) On August 10, there will be a sure interest rate hike.

But it will increase very little, only 0.25% because the US interest rate hike has little impact on Thailand.

Thailand has little short-term dollar debt.

But the hardest hit is the price of energy.


Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Finance Minister,

said it would take another three to six months for the policy interest to pass to the financial institution's interest.

has asked for cooperation from financial institutions in raising interest rates on loans

Don't let it affect your customers too much.

and let the state bank to take care of its customers fully

But the pass interest that Mr. Arkhom, the Minister of Finance mentioned, is the interest on the loan of those who have already had a loan.

Banks are unable to raise interest immediately, such as home loans, car loans with fixed annual interest rates.

to pay installment

but new borrowers

Must pay a new interest rate that is more expensive, of course, so anyone who wants to borrow money to buy a house, buy a car, refinance a house and a car.

To increase liquidity for yourself to business loans

personal loan

and other types of credit

If you want the current interest rate

They must borrow before August 10, before the MPC announces interest rates.

it's good luck

People of Nakhon Ratchasima and people in the lower and upper Isan provinces

Because during the weekend, August 5-7, before the MPC meeting on August 10, the Banking and Finance Journal will organize the 16th Money Expo Korat at MCC Hall, 3rd floor, The Mall Korat, with Suwat Liptapanlop, former Deputy Prime Minister

presided over the opening ceremony

There are many banks and financial institutions joining the booth.

with special promotions to end the low interest era

low interest loans

high interest deposit

including comprehensive investment

Let's go to see a little bit of special promotion before going to the event. Government Savings Bank Special deposit, 1.83% average interest, no tax, GSB D-VERs, 2-year average interest, lowest 2.99%, 100 million baht loan.

Krungsri Home Loan, 0.99% interest for 1 year, life insurance, pay premiums of 1 million, get 50,000 baht of gold, Kasikorn Bank, Kasikorn Home Loan

Special interest, 100% full loan, NPA property, 0% interest for 6 months, 100% loan, Bangkok Bank, Bualuang Home Loan

Special flowers when booking at the event

Krungthai Bank, Krungthai Home Loan, interest starting at 0.75%, loan amount up to 100%, loan term up to 40 years, business rehabilitation loan, 2% interest for the first 2 years, installment for 10 years, total debt with home loan, 4.72% interest, maximum limit 20 Million baht, loan for 30 years, Krungthai Smart Money loan, credit line up to 5 times the income of SCB Bank Home loan / second-hand home / home builder 4.33% interest, home refinancing loan, 3.99% interest, My Car My cash loan, initial interest 3.75% Thanachart Thai Military Bank

Home loan / new condo 2.75% interest for the first 3 years Second-hand home loan 4.55% interest for the first 3 years Home loan refinance 2.75% interest for the first 3 years Home loan for money 4.63% interest for the first 3 years Bank SME Loan Re-Start for SMEs in tourism business. Interest starts at 5.5%, borrows up to 5 million baht, 3D loans start at 4.5%, borrows up to 50 million baht.

It is part of the example that has been brought together.

But in the event, there is a full range of financial and investment services.

Like lifting the whole bank to serve in the work according to the slogan

“Every dream comes true here.

recover everything

You can invest in everything.” But this year is more special than every year.

Opportunity to borrow before interest rates rise.

"The wind changes direction"