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iron fist

3 Aug. 2022 05:30





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Social media have flocked to admire Khun Jun Wanwit, owner of the fan business Hatari, who donated 900 million baht to the Ramathibodi Foundation.

It's a big donation.

became the top ten trend in the blink of an eye

The villagers immediately felt that they wanted to support Hatari's products, an indescribable feeling.

and was born with true sincerity

no claim

no visualization

but building faith

Another corner of the social world

The tour goes down to the famous comedy

Thep Pho-Ngam

after talking about the daily routine of Bangkok Governor

Chatchat Sittiphan,

who likes to exercise by running every day.

which there is an explanation from the Bangkok governor, not encroaching on working hours to jogging only

Did not extend the length of the girl, it turned out that Thep Pho Ngam had to come out to clarify that

that the critics are not biased

But it's just a personal opinion.

nothing wrong

But it's a criticism at the wrong time, at the wrong time, or against the flow of people's feelings.

Both cases make a distinction between the two worlds, as the ancients always said.

The good man falls into the water, does not flow, the fire does not burn.

should see the case

Governor Chatchat

No need to hire IO

Or buy modern equipment such as Picassus to respond or admire each other in any way.

Today, our political society

After going through a lot of heat and cold, a lot of pain, even if I come to my senses now, it's not too late. In the past, we saw politicians who were really politicians.

Not a professional politician

not much

For example, Khun

Klaew Norapati

, a former Khon Kaen MP who was elected for more than 8 consecutive terms as a member of the House of Representatives consistently until she died of age, or Khun

Chuan Leekpai

as a member of the House of Representatives. Trang since I was young

Until now, 84 years old, used to take the highest position as Prime Minister of Thailand.

and currently still holds the position of President of the National Assembly

Through all forms of politics, to this day, people still feel your faith in your image of honesty.

Although it has been suggested that the work is slow

but people still love

Faith you invite to this day

These people have no strength.

no support

no personal technology

There is only faith from the villagers

through the wind and through the rain. This is the nature of the past leaders.

Which is not different from in this era, that is, take the people as the center.

but differing in the methods of practice, such as acting as a member of the House of Representatives of the current politicians of the Progressive Party MPs

Work with clear content and accurate information

can check

There is no sad face telling a lie

no rhetoric

No benefits or positions are offered.

but consists of principles and reasons

making people aware of the difference between bile and septic MPs

Thai people are about to have a chance to change their own destiny again.

From the options mentioned above, this type of giving away bananas, giving away money, giving away the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has lured benefits.

take power to become a government

with politicians doing for the people

Who will you choose?

Iron fist