"Gasification of new generation centrifuges was a response to new US sanctions".

According to APA's Tehran office, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdullahian said this in his statement to journalists.

He stated that while preparing for a new round of negotiations in recent weeks, the American side suddenly proposed a resolution at the International Atomic Energy Agency with the aim of gaining points at the negotiating table, saying: "We were surprised that at the same time and many times these days, mediators about America's good intentions and seriousness in returning to the agreement We get constant messages from Joe Biden via

This week, the EU coordinator launched an initiative and sent a text to all negotiating parties.

We are reviewing this text in the capitals.

Yesterday, we witnessed the United States issuing a new resolution.

These illogical measures and ineffective sanctions like Trump's maximum sanctions, the frenzy has failed.

In response to this action of America, Iran took action on the gasification of hundreds of new generation centrifuges, based on the decision taken last night.