Gasoline in Burgas is already under BGN 3.

As of yesterday, one of the local chains sells A95 for BGN 2.99, and diesel for BGN 3.19.

Customers couldn't believe their eyes.

Some thought it was a mistake and others had doubts about the quality of the fuel.

The starting price of gasoline from the refinery yesterday was exactly BGN 3.00, but this number did not include the delivery of 2 cents per liter, as well as the increase in the cost of service at the gas station.

However, this has become part of the approach of the small gas stations by the sea, which have drastically reduced prices in the last 10 days or so, Flagman reported.

They refused to work with the state for the discount of 25 cents per liter, because they suspected that they would end up in the role of hoteliers who accepted Ukrainian refugees - waiting for months for the transfer of tranches and during that time being subjected to many heavy checks.

Six countries ahead of Bulgaria in terms of cheap gasoline and diesel

Because of this, several of the local chains reduced the price for everyone and reached levels of BGN 3.10-3.15 per liter of gasoline and around BGN 3.25-3.30 for diesel.

A check on the Fuelo platform, which monitors fuel prices in real time, showed that major fuel dealers continue to keep prices at 3.30-3.40 for gasoline and 3.49 and 3.55 leva per liter of diesel.

With the discount of 25 cents, they come close to the price of small petrol stations.

 At the same time, the price on the stock exchanges is falling, and the indications are for a further decrease by the end of the week.

The meeting of the ministers of the countries of the OPEC+ pact will be held on Wednesday, and the forecasts are that the alliance will confirm the increase in oil production, which will definitely lower its price.

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