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Egypt's Medicines Agency has been awarded the second highest level of capacity by the World Health Organization (WHO), the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean announced on its website.

With this, Egypt's national regulator became the first in the region and the ninth in the world with capacity level 3 (ML-3). 

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The epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) 31941

This allows Egyptian vaccine manufacturers to apply for inclusion on the WHO's lists of requalified medicines and medicines for emergency use, which would allow Egypt to export its vaccines against COVID-19 to other countries. 

The international organization's classification includes four capacity levels, with the fourth (ML-4) being the highest.

The third level means that the regulatory system is stable, integrated and well-functioning.

The evaluation of the Egyptian Medicines Agency was carried out by fifteen international experts between March 13 and 17 of this year. 

Egypt, a major producer of medical and pharmaceutical products in the region, is among the six African countries selected to receive the technology to produce the mRNA vaccines.

The WHO technology transfer project aims to help low- and middle-income countries produce their own vaccines. 

The Egyptian state company Vacsera produces the Chinese covid vaccine Sinovac.

The North African country is also developing two of its own vaccines against the coronavirus - "COVI-VAX" and "Egy-Vax".

Egypt begins clinical trials of its own COVID-19 vaccine

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The epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19)