The governor of the state, Andy Beshear, was concerned about the increase in the number of people who lost their lives.

Photo: TRT

Hundreds of people are reported missing in incidents caused by recent flooding in Kentucky, United States.

The number of people who died from torrential rains and floods in that US state rose to 37.

The state governor, Andy Beshear,

reported that the rains, which destroyed one of the poorest regions of the country, exceeded 30 centimeters, and warned people in the region that strong winds could be another threat.

Daniel Hokanson, commander of the National Guard, said some 400 people were rescued by helicopter, while 18,000 people were left without power and at least 300 have taken shelter in shacks.

Bridges and hundreds of houses in the area were submerged.

It was also reported that two bodies were found inside a burnt-out vehicle in the area of ​​the California wildfire, which has been raging since Friday.

The wildfire threatening thousands of homes, the largest California has experienced this year, will continue to grow in extreme heat, authorities have warned.

(Taken from TRT)