US leader Nancy Pelosi is on a tour of the Indo-Pacific (File Photo)

China is


warning the US that if Speaker of the US House of Representatives



  travels to Taiwan, then America will have to face its consequences.

No elected US high representative has visited Taiwan in the past 24 years.

China considers


its part and is viewing the US leader's visit to Taiwan as an attack on its sovereignty.  

According to Bloomberg, these are some steps that China can take.

1) More infiltration from warplanes 

China keeps infiltrating Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone every day.

China's People's Liberation Army may send a larger-than-usual fleet of warplanes to protest Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

So far, a record has been made of 56 Chinese warplanes infiltrating China's Air Defense Identification Zone in a single day.  

2) Warplanes flying over Taiwan 

On behalf of the Communist Party of China, it was said in the Global Times newspaper that China should fly its war planes over Taiwan in order to force Taiwanese President Tsai In Wen to determine whether to shoot down these planes.

Last year, Taiwan's defense minister warned that the closer you come to our island, the more force we will retaliate. 

3) Missile test near Taiwan 

In the summer of 1995, China, reacting to the relationship between the US and Taiwan, conducted a missile test in the sea near Taiwan.

China took this step against the approval of the visit by US President Bill Clinton to Taiwan's first democratically elected President Li Teng Hui.  

4) monetary penalty 

China is Taiwan's largest trading partner.

China can take advantage of this and impose economic sanctions on Taiwan.  

5) Political opposition 

The Global Times warned the US on Tuesday that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan would further sour Sino-US relations.  

6) Capturing an island 

China can take revenge on a small island in Taiwan.

However, its expectation is low.

In the early days of the Cold War, PLA forces bombed Taiwan's Kinmen Island.