Attack for monkey pox 2022 to prevent the spread

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2 Aug 2022 6:50 a.m.





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"Smallpox 2022", Prof. Dr. Teerawat Hemajuta or "Mor Dua", director of the Center for Emerging Health Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

Open up 6 important issues as knowledge-based information to the public for 6 items to prevent and be careful.

The first point

... "Small pox 2022" can prevent the spread.

And not every medication is required.

because it can heal by itself.


... know your partner, partner, partner.


, the difficulty of diagnosing rashes, blisters, lesions on the skin in the genitals, anus and mucous membranes, anal, tongue, oral cavity, anus, which indicate the path of infection and whether the virus will spread to the face, hands, posterior or can't come

Fourth, the

advantage is that there is discomfort brought before.

whether there is a fever or not

with symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, exhaustion, aches, headaches, which will continue to be in contact when symptoms begin

by spreading through saliva droplets while in close contact

even without a rash

which when there is another channel of diffusion

when touching the wound

Number five

... close contact

It is an effective communication channel.

However, although viral DNA can be found in semen, urine, and blood, it cannot be confirmed whether the virus is contagious or not.

“Different from water that is blistered

or pus at the wound that has not yet scab

or saliva droplets which can be contacted.”

Number six ... spreading to the family

In the same house is still quite difficult.

Emphasize that "

smallpox 2022 monkey pox

" is more difficult to get infected than covid.

Awareness of the symptoms

Addiction Channels Being vigilant is important and not specific to same-sex or bisexual people.

Teerawat Hemajutha

All of these above are based on a July 21 report in the New England Journal of 528 reported cases (between April 27 and June 24 in 16 countries).

At this point, Prof. Dr. Teerawat said that monkey pox testing is available in a nationwide network of laboratories, including hospitals.

Medical schools and things at “

Emerging Disease Health Science Center

” and other places to coordinate monitoring and surveillance across the country.

Continuing updates to 528 reported cases in 16 countries, 98 percent of the “smallpox 2022” cases were gay or bisexual, with an average age of 38.

41 per cent had a co-infection with HIV… For transmission it was found that 95 per cent likely occurred while having sex.

Skin rash was found in 95% and 64% of patients rash.

less than 10, 73 percent were found in the anal position.

And 41% of the reproductive organs are in the mucosa, of which 54 cases have a rash on the genital blister in one location.

Interestingly, the most common symptoms prior to the onset of the rash are:

“Fever”…found at 62 percent, “depression”…41 percent, “muscle pain”…31 percent, and “headache”…27 percent.

"enlarged lymph nodes" found in 56 percent, and other sexually transmitted diseases were found in 109 of 377 cases or 29 percent.

According to a relatively clear history of 23 cases, monkey pox 2022 has an incubation period of about 7 days, between 3-20 days. Virus DNA was found in 29 of 32 semen.

5% of patients were on antiretroviral therapy... 70 of them were hospitalized, 13% of whom were hospitalized due to severe pain and rashes in the anal and genital area.

In addition, there were 18 cases of recurrent infections in the tissues. The throat wall was inflamed making it difficult to eat. 5 cases... 2 have eye abnormalities... 2 have kidney problems... muscle. 2 myocardial infarction and 13 more for disease control. one "died"

"Smallpox 2022"...reminds us that all this may happen in one group first

But it's all the same as when HIV emerged that was misleading.

The story of “smallpox monkey” is the same.

There must be no discrimination, no “stigma”…no.


Enhance knowledge, understand "Be alert, don't panic", an important spell to prevent bad diseases far away.

Prof. Dr. Teerawat emphasized that monkey pox is not as easily transmitted as we have seen in COVID-19.

Although the diffusion mechanism is the same.

close contact

especially during sex

exposed to the rash...except the scaly

It is spread by droplets, coughing, sneezing, and transmission occurs only when the infected person begins to have symptoms... fever, headache, body aches, back pain, followed by a rash, enlarged lymph nodes.

The “monkey pox” is poised to erupt all the time.

However, because people in every country around the world are vaccinated against smallpox or smallpox.

It can be at least 85% immune to cross to smallpox, but smallpox vaccination was discontinued in 1980 because smallpox was considered extinct.

Therefore, people born before 1980 in Thailand, who are probably 50 years or older, are likely to still be immune to smallpox.

but not all

Based on an evidence-based study reported in the New England Journal in 2007, the lemur center in Oregon, USA.

The study was a long-term study of 45 staff and followed up on immunization for an average of 15 years or longer.

60% are still immune to smallpox

After the smallpox vaccination

by assessing that the remaining landscape

There should be a validity period of up to 90 years based on evidence in B cells of memory and lymphatic levels.

But that doesn't mean that all people with residual immunity can live long.

The current events are like counting the days waiting for an eruption.

The ability to spread from "one person" to "other" is less than one, about 0.7-0.8, that infected person can infect very little.

But it may be be more than one.

And that means that the "epidemic" will not end in a short time.