A one-year-old and 9-month-old boy died in a ridiculous way in the village of Petrevene in the Lekavit region, the police announced.

The mother filed a report in the afternoon of July 29 that her child was missing.

Immediate operative-search activities were organized by employees of RU Lukovit, reservoirs, properties and areas in the area were searched.

The tragic result of the massive search was the discovery of the child's corpse in a septic tank on August 1.

The mother worked in an agricultural farm for raising animals, "24 chasa" reported.

She left her son unattended and he disappeared.

The pit that became his grave was located near the farm.

Apparently the little one crawled there and fell.

A prosecutor from the Lovech District Prosecutor's Office was notified of the case, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated and the work of the officers of the RU - Lukovit continues.