On June 19, she also won in the third stage.

And in July, at the youth championship of Poland, she won three gold medals at once: in the individual competition, in the women's team and in the mixed team.

In addition, the athlete broke her personal record and two youth records in Poland.

This is reported by the Tribune.

"Since 2019, I have not been able to renew my record in Belarus - partly because of stress, partly because of pressure.

We had disagreements with the coach and the head coach.

In Poland, I felt much freer and lighter.

My workload has increased, but I enjoy training.

I felt again that this is my vocation," shared the athlete.

On May 31, she announced that she had left Belarus and was dismissed from the national team (actually, the first led to the second).

"I won many medals, was in the top thirty in the world ranking, became a national record holder, a finalist at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

But it means absolutely nothing for Belarus.

For the sake of sport, I remained silent, endured humiliation, threats, and intimidation.

Everything has reached the point of no return," Kozlovsky wrote at the time.

During her 22 years, she achieved considerable success - in 2019 she took silver in the team competition at the European Games in Minsk, and also won individual national competitions more than once - for example, the Cup of Belarus-2020, which was held in the first week after the presidential elections.

In 2020, Kozlovsky signed a letter for fair elections and against violence, and also made a contribution to one of the funds to help victims.

Kozlovsky finally decided to leave after "the country reached another bottom" - that's how the athlete described the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Soon, the national team had a meeting where the coaches forbade the athletes to discuss anything but sports.

The athlete settled in the small town of Zywiec in the west of Poland - Kozlówska now plays for the local club.