still far from democracy

Thai Rath Edition

2 Aug 2022 5:40 a.m.





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The rules are still not stable. The draft organic law on elections.

MPs until now have not been completed.

Early next year, there will be elections already.

The government, in addition to moving slowly to amend the constitution.

Plus, the process continues to be sluggish.

It's like watching the situation go on and on.

because they think that this matter is important to the future

Both have the effect of fighting in the electoral field.

and the opportunity to return to the government again

If the constitutional amendment has a flag on democracy

There will be nothing complicated and the Election Act

The MPs must have finished long ago.

Because the 60th Constitution was used in the election in 2019, everyone in this country has seen and touched each other.

Politicians themselves know best.

What improvements need to be made?

It's not difficult to assess.

But what is seen and is the way the government's constitutional amendment

especially those with big powers

I do not have any ideas to bring back democracy or further development.

What should be solved is like you don't want to fix it, don't care, but instead focus on political and power outcomes.

and then proceeded to correct the game according to the idea that oneself would have an advantage

The revised constitution

Even if it can be used, it won't be long. Wait for the time to fix it again because it's written to take advantage.

not based on democratic principles

But it can be understood to a certain extent.

How is this government?

It is difficult to expect democracy to fulfill.

But nevertheless, one should not scrutinize the laws of the country.

change to change

inferior to innocence

Understand that the leaders of the government are still confused about their status as a dictatorship or a democracy?

In the context of this hour, I want democracy.

for elegance in Thai society and the world society

Unfortunately, management is still attached to authoritarian forms.

This is clearly reflected through the constitutional amendment method.

and electoral law drafting

MPs who are still tumultuous, follow my heart

to change the rules back and forth

It's not as easy as in the past, with Section 44, everything requires a process.

The incident caused the politicians, both the opposition, the government, or even the People's Democratic Party MPs.

He expressed his disagreement almost at all.

because people used to seize power

used to have special powers

The way of thinking is different from the way of politicians in a democratic system.

So the situation is what it looks like.

Thai democracy still has only half of the leaves.

or maybe not even

wrong direction

Sometimes it turns upside down.

for political advantage

but had to move on

Let's continue like this first.

Because there is no choice, so if there is a chance to decide on the path

Let the country pass the elections.

need to review the past

for a better future.