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2 Aug 2022 05:36





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15 Aug. 65, 180 days of deadline...Time frame for 2 children's laws must be completed.

otherwise it will fall.

will cause political difficulties

Election because there is no law to support it.

There are two solutions...

1. Restart the process.

2. The government issued the Royal Decree and promulgated

Therefore, in order to avoid problems, the Parliament must complete the consideration in the specified time conditions.

There are only a few sections left. 2-3 Aug 65 will be considered on this matter.

The problematic issue is

The substance of this law that has not yet been drained

Due to different opinions, divided by 100, divided by 500, and one or two ballots.

The pending legislature is the source of the party list divided by 500 that will require a decision on whether to take or not.

If you take it, what will happen?

must hear from

The Election Commission and the Constitutional Court made a ruling.

The hottest trend to overtake the curve is that it will be modified from 2 cards, turning back to use one card.

which no one has yet

Which party stated that

will want this

but listen to the sound from

Many party lawmakers also insist that they still want to use two cards that have not yet given their opinions on one card.

No one has shown up yet

There is only saying that anything is ready no matter how the rules come out.

Ultimately, the ways and possibilities in this matter depend on what the government in power wants to do.

The issue of chaos has only changed for one reason: the electoral advantage.

The more "Phuea Thai" puts the needle for land slides, at least 250 votes, if the rules allow, it's possible.

In order to extract it, it must find a way to prevent it by relying on rules.

What will be the result?

Where will the idea go?

Parliament meetings will be the key to knowing who needs what.

and the voice of the members of parliament will be the arbiter.

All the results of the National Assembly that will come out must be sent.

The Election Commission and the Constitutional Court decide whether it is unconstitutional or not.

Can it be implemented?

Whatever the outcome, the guideline had to go through a series of steps from these two organizations in order to move forward as dividing by 500 was seen as unconstitutional.

Parliament will have to amend and expand the issue of one card, it must be said here.

This will make the process more cumbersome and time consuming.

Unless the solution is divisible by 100 alone, it will be faster.

In summary, how the final result will be depends mainly on the government as it has more power and support.

But do not expect to have rules that are universal and fair to all parties.

Because politics is no different from games that are measured by "lose-win"

Not for the benefit of the nation and its people!

"lightning rod"