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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama supported Kosovo's decision to apply reciprocal measures to Serbia regarding identity documents and car registration numbers, BTA reported, citing the Exit news portal.

In a press conference with visiting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez Rama, he said that "the implementation of the agreement reached in Brussels (between Kosovo and Serbia) is Kosovo's right and duty, and I support one hundred percent the Government of Kosovo, as well as congratulate the (Kosovo) Prime Minister (Albin) Kurti for his sense of self-control and for listening to allies who suggested a postponement." 

Tension and blockades on the border between Serbia and Kosovo, air raid sirens are heard

Tensions rose in Kosovo on Sunday as Kosovo Serbs were displeased with the decision by the government in Pristina to replace their identity documents issued by Serbian authorities with those issued by Kosovo authorities.

In addition, the Kosovo authorities had announced that they would replace the license plates of the Serbs' cars, which were issued by the Serbian authorities, with plates issued by the Kosovo authorities.

The Kosovo government later decided to postpone the implementation of the measure by one month.

"The government of Kosovo has the right and duty to implement the agreements and exercise its territorial sovereignty and independence," Rama said, urging Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to refrain from stoking ethnic Serb discontent in northern Kosovo.



Eddie Rama