France's national weather service Météo-France has warned of a high fire risk due to the country's third wave of unusual heat since Monday, AFP warned.

"Météo-France" predicts that temperatures across the country will rise above normal for the period from Monday onwards.

In many places the temperature will exceed 35 degrees.

In the southwestern part of the country, the temperature can reach 39 degrees.

As of Sunday, the risk of fires in the Mediterranean area of ​​the country (in Occitania, Provence and Corsica) due to seasonal winds with temperatures reaching at least 37 degrees in places is predicted to be very high, as it is exacerbated by drought, which has brought the vegetation to a state of flammability.

Western Europe is gripped by a heat wave

In June and July, France experienced two intense heat waves that broke a number of historical temperature records.

Thousands of firefighters across the country were on their feet to put out the wildfires.

Large forest areas have been destroyed by fires.