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The Istanbul police have uncovered a group involved in the illegal trade of human organs, with the participation of two Bulgarian citizens, who were arrested and handed over to the court, from where they were sent to prison.

According to information in the Turkish newspaper "Sozju", the operation was undertaken on a tip-off that foreign citizens were participating in the so-called

organ mafia.

Two of those accused of baby trafficking in Greece have been detained in Germany

After following up on the signal, the police found falsified information in the documents of two Bulgarian citizens, DKK and MTY (the first for a transplant and the second for a donor), filed in a private Istanbul hospital in connection with a kidney transplant operation, reports BTA.

They indicated in the documents that they were cousins.

The investigators of the case established that there is no family relationship between them.

Based on which the police arrested them.

During the interrogation by the police, the detained Bulgarian women admitted that they had agreed that the donation should be carried out for the sum of 25,000 BGN.

Another Bulgarian citizen with the initials GAP arranged the legalization of the Bulgarian documents for the sum of BGN 7,000.

Several employees of the hospital's private security, whose names have not been disclosed, were also involved in the case.  

A trial is pending in the case.  


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