In the first 7 months of this year, a total of 24 murders took place in our country, causing 27 victims.

5 of them crimes in the family, the others murders for weak motives and mafia assassinations.

According to the data, 13 incidents have been revealed, the perpetrators of which have been arrested and wanted, while the other 11 continue to be without perpetrators, mainly mafia-type murders.

During these 7 months, Shkodra maintains the highest number of crimes.

From January until now, 6 murders have occurred in this district.

It is followed by Fieri with 5 events and 4 in Tirana, and fewer murders in other regions of the country.

Mafia-type murders continue to remain unsolved in our country.

On January 4, Erion Çela was killed while he was with his relatives in a bar in the Don Bosco area.

He was shot with a volley of bullets from a moving car, where 4 other people were injured.

It would not be long when 3 months later Iljaz Çali was killed on the Tirana-Durrës highway, while driving his vehicle.

In Shkodër, Nazmi Bandulla was shot dead by as yet unidentified persons driving a Benz type car.

During the last two months, in June and July, the criminal events culminated with the placement of tritol in the vehicle of 27-year-old Aleksandër Sadikaj in Tirana, the execution in Fushë-Kruje of Brilant Martinaj, Diklen Vata and Besmir Hoxha, as well as the murder of Klisman Preçi in Milot.

For all these crimes, the police have no suspects./