The Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovacevski, and the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Perez-Castejon, held a face-to-face meeting today, where the strong friendship between the Kingdom of Spain and North Macedonia was once again confirmed.

As announced by the Government, it was emphasized at the meeting that Spain is a proven supporter of the Republic of North Macedonia in its European integration processes.

"In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, it was appreciated that the two countries, which are also NATO allies, have been building excellent bilateral relations for three decades and that such engagements will continue in the future."

"As part of the first official visit of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain, Pedro Sanchez Perez-Catejón, delegations from both countries held a bilateral meeting attended by the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Political System and Intercommunity Relations, Artan Grubi, the Deputy Prime Minister for European affairs Bojan Maricic, the Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska and the Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojčevska", says the announcement of the Government of the Republic of Moldova./Telegrafi/