A person was arrested today in Shkoza, Prizren, after he attacked the policemen with his car while the latter were on official duty.

The case happened at 10:00, when the Prizren NJRSH unit was assisting the Investigations Unit of the Border Police Department, in raiding a house and fortunately no one was injured.

The suspected driver, with a fast car, drove towards the police officers, who were securing the perimeter at the entrance of the house that was being raided.

Police operators forced the suspect to stop.

The same person was arrested and placed under police control.

In the house, which was being raided, it is reported that a Syrian citizen was found, who is suspected of being a smuggler of immigrants.

Relevant police units were sent to the scene and the necessary investigative actions were taken.

After a case was started for obstructing the official in the performance of his official duties, the suspect was released through regular procedure.