Eleonora Mitrofanova hopes that the next government will be more pragmatic.

In an interview with TASS, the Russian ambassador to our country stated that the situation will force our country to switch to a "more pragmatic approach".

"Bulgaria is a member of the EU and NATO, but it is difficult for it to build its line of behavior," said the ambassador.

Regarding the decision to expel Russian diplomats, Mitrofanova pointed out that "Bulgaria went above and beyond" by expelling 34 diplomats and 36 technical staff.

It was very difficult for us.

Even sending the associates and their family members, a total of 185 people, to their homeland within four days was a complex organizational and technical operation requiring numerous coordination, she pointed out.

Ambassador Mitrofanova: Russia is ready to restore gas supplies to Bulgaria

Mitrofanova recalls that many Russian soldiers are buried here.

We can't just leave the country.

There are a huge number of our compatriots here, a large number of mixed marriages, people who like Russia.

Therefore, we must continue to conduct humanitarian work despite all the complexities, she added.




Eleonora Mitrofanova