The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, focusing on the energy crisis that the whole world is facing, has emphasized once again that it will be difficult for Albania to find the necessary amount to meet all the needs.

From Vlora, where he inspected the works at the construction site of the new port, the Prime Minister said that the price has gone to the "stratosphere", but once again emphasized that the challenge will be the decrease in the volume that can be purchased.

"We are in an area where the government's most ambitious energy program is coming to life.

What is happening with the introduction of another 110 MWh through the sea is only one step of this world emergency because we have come to the point where not only the price of energy has gone into the stratosphere, but what we have warned in time has begun, the decline in the volume of available for purchase.

So we are no longer in the conditions where the price is staggering, but it will be difficult to find it", said Rama.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the goal of turning Albania into an energy exporter, where he said that measures will be taken for the country to enter the sovereign phase from the energy point of view.

"We will take measures for Albania to enter the next phase by becoming sovereign from an energy point of view and becoming a net exporter, but we have a transition phase where we must unite all the things that have been prepared for so long and create synergy.

I was also in Athens where I met with the Crown Prince and the agreement was made to bring the interconnection from Saudi Arabia to Greece and to sell to Greece and this area the solar energy that they plan to produce in staggering quantities.

We are in positive conditions.

What is important is that the moment will come when we will no longer need to import but to export", said the head of the government.

The Prime Minister also announced that within the month of August, two more electricity producing ships will be installed in this port.

"The construction site of the New Port of Vlora, an integrated port where, in addition to cargo ships, fishing vessels and passenger ferries will be moored, while two electricity producing ships will be installed within August", said Rama./RTSH