Banana on neck

moon mother

29 Jul 2022 06:50 a.m.





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Eating it sticks to the gums, eating taro sticks to teeth, pushing to eat banana peels.

Stuck in the Adam's apple to death!!

"National agenda on bananas on the neck" resulted in the group

Small party MPs accused of eating bananas for free

must struggle like a catfish shrugging each other

"Mae Luk Chan"

thinks that the case of MPs eating bananas makes the image of the council.

which is already bad

More and more messy than before!!

because most Thai society believes

It's true that MPs eat bananas.

More people who wish to be anonymous

(but guess who) intentionally released the evidence

"Banana transfer slip" came out to show the eyes.

The more the belief about giving out bananas spreads like a straw fire.

causing the NACC to expedite an investigation into the banana distribution case

Small party MPs get a resolution ASAP!!

because this case is in the jurisdiction

NACC directly!!

Section 128. The NACC prohibits a person holding a political position from receiving assets or any other benefits in excess of 3,000 baht.

But proof of transfer slip (banana fee) is up to one hundred thousand baht per person per month.

It's over 3,000 baht to go to the lantern.

moreover when

NACC voted to point out the culprit

The banana-throated MP "NACC" is also responsible for bringing the case to the Supreme Court on the grounds of intent to violate serious ethical standards.

If the Supreme Court convicts them, they face 5 to 10 years in prison.

Enter the book, eat bananas without peeling them.

Caught in the Adam's apple...dead!!

"Mae Luk Chan"

did not know that the small party MPs accused of eating free bananas?

What evidence will there be to refute?

The “transfer slip” that was released??

because in the slip there is the account number of the person who ordered the money transfer

have the beneficiary account number

Specify the transfer amount

Specify the date of transfer

and specify the bank that completes the transaction

Check for a moment and say that it's a real slip?

Or a fake slip?

If found to be a real slip

...then check the bill!!

"Mae Luk Chan"

reiterated that if the accused MPs will claim to be a loan contract

Have to answer the question

Why do I have to borrow one hundred thousand baht every month?

or if accepting that it is giving away money for free

It must be clarified that

Why should the money be distributed?

Other MPs for free??

The key point is

the political party

Go on a trip to give away money

MPs from other parties on a monthly basis

will be prone to "offense

dominate other political parties” for political gain

Or dominate other party's MPs to vote according to their own party's order??

with severe penalties to the dissolution of a single party

In conclusion, the banana crisis is stuck in the neck... still can't find the airport to land.

The captain's vengeance has not faded anymore.

"Mother of the Moon"