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The flames of a forest fire in the area of ​​the Turkish Aegean resort of Marmaris have reached a local hotel, and other buildings have suffered damage from the fire, reports Turkish television NTV, quoted by BTA.

The fight against the fire, which is raging near populated areas, continues.

The efforts of firefighters, supported by air from helicopters, were hampered by the wind in the area.

A fiery element is raging in Turkey

The flames have spread to the complex of a local hotel.

Several other buildings were also damaged by the fire.

The cause of the forest fire is unknown.

Last month, more than 3,000 hectares of land were burned in another fire in Marmaris, the largest forest fire so far in 2022.

Turkey suffered hundreds of wildfires last year - the most devastating in recent years - which hit the country's Mediterranean region particularly hard. 

Forest fire