The Google Pixel 6A has only recently become available for sale, and users are already pointing to a major security flaw that could worry many people.

This spring, Google introduced the Pixel 6A, the most affordable device in the Pixel 6 line of phones, which, however, comes with a major security flaw.

Namely, social networks are full of comments from users who claim that the Pixel 6A can be unlocked with an unregistered fingerprint.

This security problem was also pointed out by many users who tested the phone on YouTube, such as Beebom and Geekxyranjit channels, which immediately raised dust in foreign IT media.

Although Google will probably fix this problem with software soon, it's a security flaw that shouldn't happen.

Until the official patch, users are recommended to use a password instead of fingerprint unlocking.

As a reminder, the Google Pixel 6A, which costs $449, comes with a 6.1-inch 60Hz OLED display, a unique camera design, a Google Tensor chip, and a Titan M2 security chip.