The Russian Navy acquired "Belgorod" - the largest nuclear submarine in the world, the work of the "Sevmash" shipyard.

Despite the Kremlin's assurances that the submarine will be used only for intelligence purposes, experts have warned CNN that it could be used for espionage and launching missiles with nuclear warheads.

The media outlet UNSI News even points out that the submarine's large size is a key to the true intentions behind its construction, as it houses the world's largest torpedo, the Poseidon, which Russia is developing.

Christopher Ford, an expert on international security, warned as early as 2020 that Moscow had commissioned the development of Poseidon.

According to him, their goal is to flood the coastal cities of the USA, causing a "radioactive tsunami".

Russia has decommissioned the world's largest nuclear submarine

According to the US Congressional Analysis Service, the over 180-meter long Russian submarine will be able to carry up to 8 Poseidon torpedoes on board.

Despite US concerns, Russia says the submarine will be used for scientific expeditions and rescue operations in the ocean.