Ilir Meta reacted to the notification of the Dossier Authority addressed to the Assembly, where it is emphasized that the former President of the Republic results in the documents created by the former State Security.

Considering these as tricks to avoid attention from the affairs of the Government, Meta did not spare the accusations against the Authority of Files and the Assembly of Albania, calling on them to publish all the discovered documents. 

The high-level politician with the initials IM, for whom the Files Authority announced that it has found his name in the documents of the former State Security, is the former President of the Republic, Ilir Meta.

"Following our previous requests and proposals, but especially being encouraged by the most recent denunciation that came to our institution on the purity of the figure of one of the highest personalities of the state, such as the President of the Republic, Ilir Metaj, of provided with a certificate of image purity from the Mezini and Bezhani Commission, confirmed by us with a decision dated 28.04.2017, it turns out that it actually appears in the documents created by the structures of the former State Security.

If the institution was in the conditions of reverifying the purity of the figure of the citizen Ilir Metaj, which is not allowed by article 29, point 4, of the functional law, the research results would change".

The former President, who has now returned to active politics, called these materials politically motivated, with the aim of damaging his image: "It is regrettable for the behavior of the "File Manipulation Authority".

Because they know what is manipulated in those files.

With an anonymous e-mail, that when it is revealed you will all be scolded, it was revealed to us that after 30 or so years, I am this man who since March of 1992 has become a deputy and has been subjected to all the filters of all commissions of all times.

Since Berisha's filter, where half of those who were part of the party I was a part of did not pass, now turned into a party of patron-Nazis and fuksas".

Authority of the Files: Ilir Meta appears in the documents of the former Security

The authority's letter set in motion the Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla, who called one by one the chairmen of the parliamentary groups and the heads of the Law and Security commissions, informing them of the case in question: "It is a shocking case, I am ready to convene the Assembly at any time".

Meta's response was harsh: "Rama's birth in Parliament is used for his personal needs."

It is a parliament of patron Nazis, a corrupt parliament and an opposition full of Lulush.

As long as that parliament chicken comes out there, it is used in that way and tells the Albanians that we will discover IM, a great shame, cheeky".

The accusations of the former Head of State were not absent even for the institution headed by Genta Sula: "Ilir Meta is here after 30 years of engagement in politics, not that he has not made mistakes, but not only that, but he will continue for another 30 -40 more years.

This is the authority of May 17".

The Dossier Authority asks the Assembly to change the law in order to be able to reverify those persons who in the past have passed the image purity filter through the certificates issued by the so-called Mezini and Bezhani commissions, taking as an example the case of Ilir Metas./A2 CNN