"A good and quality translation means the correct transposition and implementation of the European Union legislation, while at the same time the Macedonian language will enjoy the status of an equal and official language of the Union when our country becomes its full member," he says. Maricic.

The Deputy Prime Minister for European Integrations Bojan Maricic signed today the contracts with the seven economic operators, who have committed to additional translation of the acts of the European Union in the Macedonian language.

Until now, translations have been carried out regularly by the Secretariat for European Affairs, but after the first intergovernmental conference of Macedonia with the EU, through a public call, seven more companies have been engaged to help with their translators.

"Today's officialization of cooperation with economic operators, in one of the key parts for our successful European integration of the country, which is the translation of the legal acts of the European Union, comes at the right moment when we opened the negotiations with the European Union and when it should to work even more intensively to harmonize our national legislation with EU laws", says Maricic.

According to Maricic, the process of translating European law into the Macedonian language is developing without interruption, because even after the opening of negotiations with the Union and after the start of the screening process, the country must simultaneously work on harmonizing national legislation with EU laws. .

"The success of screening and its duration largely depends on harmonization, namely on the process of receiving and applying the acquis.

This condition for membership is identical for all candidate countries and derives from the legal system of the EU, which stipulates that all official languages ​​of the member states are also official languages ​​of the Union and that all language versions of legal acts are original and equivalent", Maricic said.