Leidis Díaz is Susana in So far and so close.

Photo: Leidis Diaz/Instagram.

Leidis Díaz had been off screen for some time.

Her face was in "Los Tres Villalobos", "Finally the sea" and "When love is not enough".

After motherhood, she returns to acting in the role of Susana in the telenovela "Tan far y tan cerca", a television proposal directed by Alberto Luberta and Loysis Inclán.

“Loysis calls me for casting because she was looking for an actress who knew how to sing.

I applied for the character of Magalys.

A week later, when they didn't call me, I thought she had been left out.

Later, the director calls me and tells me that she had another character for me”, comments the actress in an interview with



-What was it that most attracted you to Susana?

“I remember that the novel was still being written when Loysis sent me the first five chapters so that I could see what Susana's story was about.

When I started reading the plot of this character I loved it because it is a subject that has never been touched on the screen, openly like that.

“What I liked most about Susana was her ability to evolve as a person, guided by the French, Dominique.

That possibility of being open to changes to be better.

The capacity to assimilate the new and different”.

-How do you define Susana?

“She is a woman of these times.

She settled into a certain lifestyle with Orlandito, the person she loves very much.

She cannot have children, but that has not made her life bitter, nor has it frustrated her.

She has managed to build her own little world in which her business and family are included.

“It is focused on giving oneself not only to love, but also to pleasure.

He is not afraid to evolve, investigate, experience new things. Why not?

If it is for your marriage to go on a much better path.

She is a brave woman because she doesn't care what they will say.

She breaks all those taboos that still exist in our society”.

-What are the points in common between Susana and Leidis?

“Loyalty to your friends and your partner.

In that way of seeking happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.

That perseverance that Susana has I also have when it comes to work”.

-Anecdotes from So Far and So Close…

“The scene in the tree.

Everyone asks me how we did it.

It was an early morning in which it rained a lot.

We had to spend about 45 minutes on top of the tree in a very uncomfortable position.

Delvys was bitten by the santanillas, the bugs.

At first we had fun but then it was a bit stressful.

Also, the next day we take home the memories and the pain in our bodies from being in the same position for so long.

But in the end it was fun.

We laughed a lot doing that scene.

"A detail: we climbed the tree with a ladder, of course," he smiles.

-How was working with Delvys Fernández?

“We studied together at school.

We also worked on 'Los Villalobos' and on 'When love is not enough'.

Although we did not share a set many times, we were in the same cast.

“It was good to work with Delvys in scenes with some difficulty, such as those of Orlandito and Susana.

Delvys have incredible energy.

He is always telling stories, trying to make people have fun, have a good time.

In serious moments he is super professional and supports you.

There is great chemistry to work with and I appreciate that he played this character.”

Being back on screen gave Leidis Díaz a lot of happiness.

“Do what I love and enjoy.

'So far and so close' brought me the reunion with actors that I hadn't seen for a long time and I had the chance to share with them like Pedro Fernández.

I also met new people, a close-knit team that I loved working with.”

-“So far and so close” is an audiovisual testimony of a complex time that Cuba and the world had to live through.

How was recording in times of pandemic?

“Stressing because, although we were all vaccinated when we started filming, I had a little girl at home who, after many hours of filming, would only want to hug.

We try to take good care of each other.

"In our scenes we worked directly with Pedro and Doris Gutiérrez, and we were twice as careful because they were older adults and the risk increased."

-Now that you see the finished product, what would you do differently?

"A lot of things.

It is difficult because we will always want to change something.

The product is finished but the mind continues to create and you see small details that you would have done differently.

You are never entirely satisfied with the end result.

I am not the exception to the rule."

Leidis Díaz's career is restarting on the right foot because when she returned she had the chance to do this telenovela and in the theater.

“I have traveled a path, it is not starting from scratch, but I do want to return to that path that was stopped in some way.

We must move forward.

To learn".

This month he premieres the musical monologue “Remolino en las Aguas”, because yes, Leidis Díaz also sings.

The play is presented at the Bertolt Brecht this weekend.  

Acting is her therapy.

“It's the way to exorcise my demons.

To channel the energies.

The way I have found to live intensely in many ways through all the characters I play, whether on television, in the theater, in the movies or on the radio.

I enjoy being on stage.

I would like to perform until the end of my days.

Hopefully life will allow it."

Leidis Díaz is Susana in So far and so close.

Photo: Leidis Diaz/Instagram.

Leidis Díaz is Susana in So far and so close.

Photo: Leidis Diaz/Instagram.

Leidis Díaz is Susana in So far and so close.

Photo: Leidis Diaz/Instagram.

Leidis Díaz is Susana in So far and so close.

Photo: Leidis Diaz/Instagram.

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