​LDK meeting with compatriots, Abdixiku: We have our link for the future as a substantive pillar as well as the "Link for emigration", as the greatest Albanian asset.

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) organized today a reception meeting for emigrants who have come for vacation in Kosovo.

Present were the chairman of the LDK, deputies, members of the Presidency, mayors of municipalities and other party structures, who welcomed the emigrants in conversation.

The President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lumir Abdixhiku, welcomed all compatriots.

"Let me welcome you to your political home, to the Democratic League of Kosovo and today's organization of the first, but not the only, summer meetings at the headquarters of the LDK with our diaspora and our compatriots," he said. .

While he said that we need to organize ourselves as well as possible so that the League for the Future is a pillar of content and the "League for Migration" - the greatest Albanian asset.

"And today we need to meet, talk and organize ourselves as best and as hard as possible, so that in our "Connection for the Future", we must have the "Connection for Migration" - the greatest Albanian asset - as a content pillar. he said.

While he added that for the past three decades they gave the country the most glorious historical moments, he also expressed his gratitude to the emigrants.

Abdixhiku: In all historical stages, our diaspora contributed to developments in Kosovo

"During the past three decades, we and you compatriots, gave the country the most glorious historical moments.

From the collective effort for freedom, independence and democracy, to the peaceful and armed resistance that culminates in freedom itself;

from the declaration of independence of our Republic, to the internationalization of Kosovo's citizenship.

In all historical stages, our emigration was an essential contributor to the developments in Kosovo.

You melted all the wealth, you gave all the intellectual and professional capacity, as well as you gave your best sons and daughters to the calls of our country's difficult hours.

Even today, 23 years after freedom, and 14 years after independence, our emigrants continue to give Kosovo all the necessary dedication.

The presence of you and your families in Kosovo is a clear proof of this commitment", he said.

At the end, the chairman of the LDK raised a toast to all his compatriots.

"Allow me to raise a toast to you, your families, our LDK and our precious homeland Kosovo", said Abdixiku.

Ambroz Rrustemi, compatriot from the state of Switzerland, expressed himself very satisfied with this organization, while he said that such organizations should be more frequent.

"It is the first time that I participate in these activities and I am very satisfied... I liked the organization very much, very well organized and I believe that it will not be the only one, but that we will also have this type of activities in the future". he said.

Safie Endër-Jenuzi, compatriot from the state of Austria, also expressed her happiness with the welcome.

"We were received very well here today.

We are guests of the Democratic League, the mayor of Dragash municipality has personally invited us to come here.

We as Albanians have experienced very serious and difficult situations and now we should be very satisfied that we are here now, that is, that we have arrived in democracy and are able to vote for the LDK party, a party that has its roots in Ibrahim Rugova". she said./KP