The Education Minister of Bihar has sought a reply from the District Education Officers regarding Friday's holiday in government schools.


There are hundreds of government schools in Bihar, where the weekly holiday is not on Sunday but on Friday.

Most of these schools are located in madrassa or Muslim dominated areas.

But the state government has now asked the education officers of all the districts on whose orders the practice of this holiday has been started.

There is a school in the capital Patna, which is running for the last several decades.

Most of the students coming here come from the Muslim community and according to the management here the holiday is not on Sunday but on Friday.

Principal of Patna Muslim High School, Dr. Mohammad Firoz Alam told that this tradition is going on for a very long time in the school.

This school dates back to 1938, since then it is going on like this till now.

You will find less such schools in Patna.

But when you go to Muslim dominated areas like Kishanganj or Araria, this rule has been going on in every school there for years.

Everyone's argument is that most of the children come from the Muslim community and the teachers too, so there is a consensus on the holiday on Friday.

Mohammad Wasim, the principal in-charge of Jharna Bala Sah School, says that this is a Muslim-dominated area.

100% of the children are Muslim.

This is a pre-planned holiday.

are already happening.

I don't know about government order.

However, the officials of the local education department are not able to tell clearly who gave the order in this regard and when.

Kishanganj District Education Officer Subhash Kumar Gupta said that Friday's holiday here has been going on for a long time.

But seeing this whole matter turning into a big controversy, the state government has asked for the most clarification.

Bihar Education Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary said, “We have sought a report from the DEO District Education Officer, what is the situation.

By whose order the holiday remains, but the rule which will be relevant, whatever will be a legal thing, will be the same.

It is certainly clear from the stand of the Nitish government that the different rules of leave in government schools are going to end soon.

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