A Brazilian man was seriously injured and his wife was treated for minor injuries after their car exploded at a petrol station - while refuelling.

According to foreign media, surveillance footage from a Rio de Janeiro gas station on Tuesday morning shows Mário Magalhães, 67, opening the trunk of his car before the vehicle suddenly exploded.

The impact of the car explosion caused Magalhães to "fly through the air and hit the ground".

While his wife, Andreia Magalhães, who was standing next to the passenger door, managed to avoid most of the blast.

She can be seen on video running from the vehicle as a gas station worker rushed to check on her husband and signaled for help.

Mário Magalhães was rushed to a municipal hospital and underwent surgery, local media reported.

He is in serious condition.

While Andreia Magalhães was admitted to another hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries.

Hugo Ruan, 25, who works as a gas station attendant, said the vehicle's gas cylinder was rusted.