Photo: Jit

Three Cubans took part today in the first game of the 2022 Japanese Professional Baseball League All-Star Series.

Dayán Viciedo hit a solo home run and a hit in two innings in favor of the Central League cast

, who lost 2x3 against their Pacific League counterpart.

For the winners,

Yurisbel Gracial went 0-for-2 and walked, and Liván Moinelo pitched a perfect relief episode to leave his ERA at 0.00.

Southpaw Yuki Matsui scored the win after allowing no hit or run in a relief inning.

The loss went to right-hander Masato Morishita, who gave up one run on two hits in 1.2 innings of work.

The second game of the Series will be played on Wednesday at the Botchan Stadium in Matsuyama.

(Taken from Jit)