In the meeting with the intellectuals, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha also spoke about the declaration of non-proliferation by the USA and the United Kingdom, challenging them that if a single fact for which he is accused comes out, he will say goodbye to politics.

"On May 20, 2021, I walked into a room in this hotel, I never thought that I would ever challenge the secretary of the United States, never, but since he had signed an act in which I had the absolute conviction that he did not stand no facts, I came out and told him to present every fact, otherwise I will go to court".

"I will go to court because you don't have, you can't find and you will never find any facts about me or my children.

I was of this code and today, after 15 months, all the universal check-ups that I have and my friends have found zero.

However, I continue to say, you brought a single fact, I say goodbye to politics and any other decision.

But I never accept a lie for the truth.

Galileo said it and a civilized man can never do it".

According to the head of the Democratic Party, the decision to declare him non grata by the United Kingdom was served by Tirana, while he emphasizes that his whole life has been a battle with crime and criminals.

"You are ashamed to show it.

I haven't read it anywhere in the novels.

I had only one similar case in my life.

Take a citizen of another country, he happened to be a citizen of the United Kingdom, not convicted, never punished in his life in that country.

He is found guilty and that guilt is used to sanction me.

There is nothing more corrupt on earth.

I guarantee you that the ministers of the United Kingdom can never do this.

This is a corrupt scam.

Someone said they have a problem with the Open Balkans, that it is anti-Serbian, etc.

No, there is no minister in the British government who can use his own innocent citizen, blame him to put the blame on someone else.

"Is there any civilized man on earth who can accept this?


That's why I don't even give it a nationalist tone, nothing, I keep the relationship with the truth.

I have not read any such case.

He does not give any examples, the others are Taulant Balla's statements.

Concrete example says you have enriched and protected it.

He has not received a single penny.

He was investigated by Ina Rama and was found innocent.

This is not found in London, it is found in Tirana.

London is a very high level elite as a whole, they are served from here.

I continue unimpressed, stressing that any government of the globe should present a single fact, a single piece of evidence for what it is talking about.

Tell me about the crime?

I, who all my life have been fighting among the most boring ones, because I don't like to catch the names of Shullazi so and so, but I did it to pressure them, because they pressured people.