Analysts have shown their attitude towards the trip of the President of Kosovo and Prime Minister Kurti to America to be part of the ceremony of signing the agreement with the MCC, according to analysts, the visit marks a progress for Kosovo.

According to the analyst Ylli Hoxha, the departure of Albin Kurti is not a "great triumph", it is a good report that is conveying Kosovo with the United States of America.

Kurti's visits had often raised dilemmas and criticisms in his relations with the USA, questioning Kosovo's position in relation to the United States.

The trip to America this time by two of the state leaders to be part of the signing ceremony of the agreement with the MCC was met with criticism.

For "Debat Plus" analysts, this visit of Prime Minister Kurti is both "exaggerated" and "a progress".

For Hoxha, Kurti for the USA is like any other leader of Kosovo.

"The USA is so powerful and dominant in relation to Kosovo that every elected leader of Kosovo is the same, it doesn't matter if he smiled or not", says Hoxha while emphasizing that Kurti does not only represent himself, but also the policies of country.

Regarding the criticisms of Kurt and his previous visits to the USA, according to Vehbi Kajtazi, they were more necessary because they "made him angry".

According to him, this visit of Kurti is "next level", while the one before that, "useless".

For Imer Mushkolaj, Kurt's visit to the USA represents progress.

Without wanting to comment on the last statement of former LVV deputy Florin Krasniqi in the "Debat Plus" studio, during which he described Kurt as "dangerous", Mushkolaj said that the visit to Blinken extinguished the dilemmas of the reports of the USA with Kurt.

"What needs to be established is that they are in the USA and the news that the visit with Blinken is taking place is good news", says Mushkolaj.

Commenting on the last statement of the Office of the President, Mushkolaj noted that during the announcement regarding the visit to Blinken, the dialogue between the countries was not mentioned.

"Dialogue should be one of the topics in the USA".

For a small country like Kosovo, it is more natural that the meetings of the leaders of Kosovo with the leader of the USA were seen as an achievement in itself, according to Visar Hoxha.

"This meeting should be seen in this direction, as in the direction of a certain policy", he says.

He recalled the last letter of the US secretary, Antony Blinken, who had asked Kurt to strengthen the leadership by making progress in the issue of missing persons with Serbia and, at the same time, progress in the energy sector.

Agreements which would mark progress, would open the way for dialogue.

"From the first visit to the second, we have it with energy and based on what Laj├žak says, even for missing persons".

The meeting between Kurt, Osman and the second highest American official after the president, will be held tonight from 22:30 local time in Kosovo.

Kurti and Osmani traveled to the USA to participate in the signing ceremony of the agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), for the Kosovo Compact Program worth over 200 million euros.

The institutions they lead have also announced other bilateral meetings./RTV Dukagjini/