"Azpetrol" company, which has the largest gas filling network in Azerbaijan, continues to increase the number of gas filling stations in the capital, Baku, in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan.

According to the information provided by the company to "APA-Economics", ensuring customer satisfaction and adapting the service quality to modern standards are among the priority activities of "Azpetrol" company.

"Azpetrol" company, taking into account the increase in demand and numerous offers, has carried out reconstruction works at the "Mayak" gas filling station (QDM) located at the address 1C, 15th km of Salyan highway, Baku city, Garadag district.

As a result of the reconstruction works, the gas filling station (QDM) was transformed into a gas filling station (YDM) and a liquid gas filling station (LPG) was established in the area.

With this, the number of gas stations of "Azpetrol" company has been increased to 93.

Drivers are also offered cafe, Azpetrol and bank card service, ATM, LPG filling station (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) station in the renovated "Mayak-3-YDM" area.

It should be noted that the works carried out at existing gas stations are being carried out on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of "Azpetrol" company.

The first gas station of the company - "Spartak" - was opened on July 15, 1997 at the address of 1013 Moskva avenue, Nasimi district, Baku city.

"Azpetrol" company currently has a total of 93 gas filling stations, 2 liquid gas (propane-butane) filling stations in most economic zones of our country, 1 compressed natural gas (CNG) terminal that meets the most up-to-date standards in the republic serving passenger transportation in public transport, 3 oil storage facilities for fuel products. base, Autobaza for fuel trucks, 100 fuel trucks, car park for passenger cars to ensure continuous transportation of fuel to gas stations.