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The Municipality of Asenovgrad announces that the Children's Milk Kitchen and Children's Nursery in the city will temporarily suspend their activities.

The reason is repair and cleaning activities for the period from 15.08.22 to 31.08.22 inclusive, the municipality reports.

The renovation works include painting the ceiling and walls in the nursery group on the 1st floor.

Nine kindergartens in Ruse have a renewed base

Parents are notified in advance of the temporary reorganization.

Information signs are placed on the buildings of the main and spill points.

On September 1 (Monday), the supply of ready-made food at the main and filling points - respectively at "Nikola Vaptsarov" Elementary School, "Hristo Botev" Elementary School, "Zornitsa" Elementary School and "Radost" Elementary School in the "Dolni Voden" district will be resumed , as well as the reception of children in the nursery.

Asenovgrad Municipality thanks the parents for understanding is patience!


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