Sex itself brings pleasure, but it quite often includes many other factors - from the partner's character and momentary inspiration to trust

What affects the rhythm, tempo and strength of sexual play can be explained by different factors.

Is it about the element of surprise, pure inspiration with the current partner and the environment or the level of dopamine, which is important for experiencing pleasure...

And this is not only about men, but also about women, Telegrafi reports.

1. Surprise

The element of surprise increases the level of dopamine.

It enables us to keep the relationship excited.

2. Strength

Strength excites, while rough sex sends powerful messages, which can be very exciting for some people.

3. Faith

As experts point out, with rough sex partners consciously show mutual trust.

In other words, if you let him tie you up and spank your ass, you're letting him know you trust him not to hurt you.

4. Freedom

Rough sex leaves the feeling of freedom from the parterre we can get what we want, which leads to honest relationship between people.