Political scientists commented on the BNT emergency council last night, where the leaders of the BSP, PP and DB discussed what would be done with the third mandate handed over by the president to the Socialists in order to try to form a new cabinet in the current National Assembly.

Dimitar Ganev stated that whatever talks are held from now on, the end result is clear - parliamentary elections with an unclear date.

"Because heavy accusations fell on DB because of their infamous conversation in the parliamentary group. We were in consensus that the chance of forming a cabinet with a third term was minimal. Whether the record has changed anything, I am rather skeptical. Ivanov himself says that there will be early parliamentary elections and even gives a date of October 16," he said.

"Bahulka becomes slang. Hristo Ivanov was talking about this label, that Toshko Yordanov expressed it... The interesting thing about this conversation is that there is nothing scandalous about him being part of any kitchen. For some, it seems scandalous that the audience heard a conversation in the kitchen," Ganev clarified.

Atanas Atanasov: Unfortunately, we are going to elections once again

And he added that in the quadruple coalition there is a unifying line and many lines that separate them.

The unifying line is GERB, DPS

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, using, corruption, etc.

It's all about maintaining the line that gives the group legitimacy to exist.

Peter Cholakov, for his part, said: "There is a danger that those who are believed to have contributed to the destruction of the coalition will be punished in the elections. That is why everyone wants to enter a more constructive tone. Revival, GERB and DPS

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, benefiting from new elections.

If anyone expects that Hristo Ivanov will share with his colleagues that he is looking for two tickets for the Ku-ku band tour, it will be difficult.

I understand that ITN is scandalized by Hristo Ivanov's remarks".

According to him, the harsh reality of politics is very cynical, there is a lot of bargaining and power struggle.

"With ITN, the big problem is that there is no middle ground with them. They jump at the smallest thing and are ready to spoil everything. They should have commented on this record presented by "Vazrazhdane" on GERB. A bit of a story. ITN should have reacted maybe more sharply and say that they do not agree with Hristo Ivanov's words," he said.




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