X-ray social trend point of Prayut regime : clean some banana council

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25 Jul 2022 6:44 a.m.





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A motion for a no-confidence debate on the Prime Minister and 11 ministers in the government of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha following the opposition's "Ded Hua Takes Scaffolding" campaign, even though it was able to break through the stone blocks in the parliament.

but failed the exam in parallel outside the council

The stage is considered a political innovation that the 4 academic groups of Thammasat University-Nida-Srinakharinwirot-Rangsit, together with 4 digital television stations.

Thairath TV-PPTV-Nation-Workpoint

Join hands with people's organizations for 30 years of May Prachadham

Open a parallel vote to vote of trust - no confidence in 11 ministers online via QR code.

Started to open for the public to vote on July 22 at 6:00 p.m. Voting closes on July 23 at 11:00 a.m. with 524,806 people starting to vote for the first time in Thai political history, averaging 96-97% distrusting the prime minister. and minister

By Mr. Pichai Rattanadilok Na Phuket, Director of Politics and Development Strategy Program

National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) Parliamentary Specialist

Public Administration told the political news team.

about political innovation as a tool for the use of such direct democracy

Before discussing how this tool will be applied to public issues in the future, let's project the opposition's government audit function.

It is an important mechanism in democracy.

The war over the government is a political event that is second only to elections.

make people interested

close track

extensive political participation

has the ultimate goal of overthrowing the government

even difficult to achieve

As long as there is no internal division of government

The second goal is society where people can study politics directly.

know the lines in

administration of the country

make democracy stronger

This time the opposition did a pretty good job.

the point is clear

The data pointed to a management error.

Chasing through various corruptions

Culinary culture in every Thai bureaucracy

including ethical issues of politicians

For example, it pointed out the mistake of formulating a policy for liberal cannabis without taking into account the impact on social dimensions.

looking only at the economic dimension connecting the medical dimension

as well as the Ministry of Transport

being peeled to see the essence

Both at the strategic level reflect the problematic way of thinking about developing countries.

Unusual level of management in the department

Is the personal level that has been questioned from the company that has actually owned it before?

Another interesting point

The opposition pointed out that Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP), has the prestige, power over the position, even if he enters a single answer, he can't surpass independent organizations.

But being a person with prestige

involved in the coup

At this, I couldn't help but be surprised.

answering in earnest

β€œDeclined not involved.

The worker was alone and pointed to Gen. Prayut.

General Prayut smiles and raises his hand!!!

I don't think it's a pearl

but the idea of

Gen. Prawit today may be different from the past.

because he was on the security side and came to play politics in the council

Knowing that the coup was an inappropriate act.

not accepted by the general public

including in many civilized countries

tried to dismiss

distance yourself

do not involve yourself

but threw it to Gen. Prayut

Gen. Prayut didn't catch up with the game.

raise your hand to accept

with a proud face

see foreign newspaper headlines

Prayut takes pride in the coup.

causing considerable damage to the image of the country

because it is now considered a prime minister in a democratic regime

take pride in the coup

Even the way of thinking of the Prime Minister

think that such action

It was done to help the nation.

You still don't know what to do.

But the other one made visible traces of Gen. Prawit's distance, that is, saying that the 3P group does not have, I have nothing to do with.

This means that you are separated.

It is only the head of the National Democratic Party.

It's like a signal to distance yourself.

withdraw from the former power group of the NCPO.”

It is a veteran trying to act on the democratic side.

It may be a stepping stone in the future to do something political.

At the same time, the aftermath of this constitution (Constitution) that calculates the rounded MPs

resulting in political identity in the Prayut regime

It is the behavior of some politicians without ideology.

Did not expect much political future, no standpoint, became a monkey-eating politics

The emergence of a political identity of monkeys eating bananas - Cobra Farm

The situation hopes that the government will stabilize.

to the opposition acting to the fullest

expand the government's wounds

But the government can control the votes in the parliament.

equal to still be able to go on

The main problem that makes the Obprayut system unstable is the rift that has begun to be seen since Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, a member of the Phayao MP, separated from the Pracharat Party.

The 2 year conflict has a clear signal.

through symbolic expressions in discussions

Demonstrates 2 years. Not as close as before.

These conditions have destabilized the government after a no-confidence debate. Gen. Prayut seems to have a hard time moving forward.

Mixed with the timing of the prime minister's tenure for no more than 8 years, it made the political situation more intense.

Must see whether the Pheu Thai Party is preparing to submit to the Constitutional Court to decide or not.

If submitting, there must be a decision issued in one way or another, namely: 1. Order Gen. Prayut to stop performing duties.

2. Order to continue working until there is a ruling.

It will cause the political game to move to the Constitutional Court as it is known that the rule of law is mixed with political science.

or Thai power

may be used for consideration

can be released on every page

After the war to launder the government, the prime minister's 8-year knot will become the main political issue.

As far as I know, civil society is preparing to move.

Gen. Prayut complies with the Constitution.

to be on the agenda for 8 years

The Prime Minister should stay or meet the 8-year criteria.

On this issue, we may use political innovations that use 11 ministerial votes in parallel with the votes in the House of Commons.

Bring the vote at the cadence of the court

The Constitution already accepted the case or at the time of the court

The constitution is close to ruling.

because processing is very fast

Just scan the QR code

real time display

Let's go back and look behind the people's voice project.

All of them were formed by different parties.


Ask questions from the public sector to participate in voting in this battle.

They discuss until crystallization produces a tool that reflects the people's voice to be as straight as possible.

like acting as a large mirror

Let the public project images.

Open the door for citizens to participate in politics

create political awareness among the people

The outcome of the vote reflects what people think of the government.

This is one information that political parties should adapt.

Adjust the strategy for your own party in the future.

This political innovation is a tool to erase the image of the monkey-eating-banana-cobra farm political identity completely. Mr. Phichai said...

Still not making monkey-eating politics disappear, but making the MPs think hard before making any resolutions.

Plus sparking society, making the MPs aware that they do not conflict with the resolution.

Too many people.

political team