In recent days, there has been an enormous increase in new cases of coronavirus in Kosovo, which has also caused a large number of hospitalized patients.

In addition to this, during this week there was also a large number of citizens who lost their lives as a result of this virus.

From Monday until today, 12 citizens have lost their lives.

The highest number of deaths was recorded yesterday, where there were 4 cases.

Meanwhile, during this week, 7,481 new positive cases were confirmed, writes Telegrafi.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of active cases with COVID-19 is 9,408.

Meanwhile, through an announcement a few days ago, the Ministry of Health announced that a similar situation existed in January of this year, where there was a wave of increase in new cases and hospitalizations from COVID-19.

"When 1,500 daily cases of COVID-19 passed in January, there were over 90 patients admitted to hospitals for treatment from COVID-19, reaching 229 inpatients," the ministry's announcement said.

We remind you that the Ministry of Health has recently approved the giving of the third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 for the age group of 12+ years, for people who received the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 at least five months ago.

Vaccination against COVID-19 continues to be carried out in the vaccination units within the Primary Health Care in the municipalities of Kosovo.

Below we also present the number of positive cases and deaths that have been recorded during this week:

Saturday: 1401 cases 4 deaths

Friday: 1390 cases 1 death

Thursday: 1440 cases 2 deaths

Wednesday: 1793 cases 2 deaths

Tuesday: 842 cases 1 death

Monday: 615 cases 2 deaths.