Sexually at risk of contracting smallpox

Condoms may not be compatible.

Beware of infection without knowing

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24 Jul 2022 19:26





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The monkey pox epidemic has also caught the eye of the world.

after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared smallpox

It is an international public health emergency.

Because cases have been reported in more than 75 countries, while Thailand's first case is a Nigerian.

who are now caught in Cambodia

But still have to watch out for those close to the man in the Phuket area.

and those who travel from high-risk countries

The medical experts commented that high-risk groups should be quarantined for about 3 months for safety.    

Monkey pox is the latest epidemic at the World Health Organization.

Announcement to watch out for the outbreak

and declared an international public health emergency.

after the previous

The coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19 and polio, has already been declared an international public health emergency.

Thairath Online", asks for information about smallpox monkey pox to

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Amorn Leelarasamee, Member of the Medical Council of Thailand and former President of the Medical Association

of Thailand under the Royal Patronage

Got interesting information that should be aware of this disease as follows:


Quarantine for smallpox infected person for 3 months

The epidemic situation of monkeypox in Europe is difficult to control.

and has been infected in many countries

make the World Health Organization

A state of emergency must be declared so that countries

surveillance and prevention of outbreaks in their country

which factors that cause the epidemic in Europe to be more

Because most infections are caused by sex.

which some western cultures

view sex as an individual right

The state's ban on sex is a violation of individual rights.

But medical care will be able to control the epidemic.

Must prevent sexual intercourse of people who are not partners.

The concern in controlling monkey pox is

human-to-animal outbreak

such as monkeys or rodents

That would make it more difficult to control the disease than the human epidemic.

that can be quarantined in a safe area

But if it spreads in wildlife, it will be difficult to catch.

and the spread is longer than human infection.

“Usually, the quarantine for a person with smallpox is three months, once cured it cannot spread the infection to others.

Therefore, it is possible to control the epidemic in Thailand.

There should be surveillance of people traveling from abroad.

especially in high-risk countries

and surveillance according to various tourist attractions and entertainment venues

Not to have sex with foreigners with disorders.”

Warning symptoms of monkey pox are hard to spot

Although monkey pox has no chance of mutating like the COVID-19 epidemic

but in the opinion of

Professor Emeritus, MD. Amorn thinks that it is difficult to observe the symptoms of the infected person.

Due to the following factors

  • In the first few days infected people do not show symptoms.

    but can infect others

    especially having sex

  • Symptomatic blisters usually develop on the genitals and anus before spreading to other parts of the body.

    But most of the blisters are small, similar to ordinary abrasions.

    make it difficult to notice

  • Monkey smallpox patients also misunderstand that

    The symptomatic blisters are similar to the blisters of genital herpes.

    which can occur in both males and females

  • Fever of the infected person is mild.

    Without body temperature measurement, abnormalities are not known.

  • having sex with an infected person

    Even wearing a condom has a high chance of infection.

    due to exposure to the secretions of an infected person

    and found that having anal sex

    More risk than usual

    Especially the group of men who love men who change sexual partners regularly.

  • oral sex

    There is a high risk of contracting the infection from smallpox patients.

    Because they may get infected from secretions during activities.

  • Prevention should refrain from having sex with high-risk people for about 3 months or see a doctor to check for infection initially.

Guidelines for the prevention of smallpox in Thailand

for Thai defense guidelines

after the World Health Organization

Monkey pox has been declared an international public health emergency.

in the opinion of

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Amorn said that government agencies should enact laws to control the quarantine of infected people as a special case.

especially foreigners who travel to Thailand

Because, as in the case of a recent Nigerian man

There was an escape from the detention facility.

Because Thailand does not have a clear enough law to support detention.

At the same time, there should be knowledge of people working in nightlife.

on ways to prevent infection

and set up a framework to prevent sex with foreigners

because if having sex with someone who travels from abroad

The disease should be monitored for 3 months to prevent subsequent infections.

for vaccination to inoculate vaccinations for the general public

still no need

Because this disease is difficult to contagious.

But most of them are addicted to sex.

Therefore, the general public should not panic.

But if an epidemic occurs, the vaccine that has been frozen for more than 40 years of the Ministry of Health

Come inject for the risk group or those who are sick first.

The efficacy of the vaccine is still sufficient to prevent the disease from becoming severe.

Therefore, the prevention of monkey pox in Thailand

In addition to having a plan to support at-risk groups that come in

Building knowledge and preventive measures for people working with at-risk groups is another factor that needs to be done to prevent possible spread of the virus.